Reuters writes that, as per Better Cotton officials, corporate customers, such as Mars & Spencer and Walmart, will be able to trace the cotton coming from suppliers from field to products. The platform is currently able to track only the total volume production for cotton.

Jacky Broomhead, Better Cotton senior manager, said that "the changes mean you'll you know what you're getting. You'll be able to see the journey the cotton has taken to you as a retailer."

She also mentioned that currently, the service works similar to how energy grid operators are able to see that energy is being pumped in the network by the prosumers, but can't tell exactly which house is the one doing the injection.

Better Cotton is an organization created by companies and some nonprofits, such as World Wildlife Fund, with the aim to address sustainable water and soil use, while promoting better working standards in the cotton industry.

Its officials claim that they support around 2.2 million cotton farmers around the world, accounting for 22% of the planet's production capacity.

Marks and Spencer's head of materials and sustainability, Katharine Beacham, said that "by improving the traceability of our cotton further down the supply chain, we're able to work with our suppliers more closely."