The company looks further to funding actors which will bring green tools and technologies aimed at fighting climate change to around 50 million people in Africa and Asia, says ESG Today.

LeapFrog Investments debuted back in 2008 and its officials want to invest in the best climate-oriented solutions in Asia and Africa, but also in healthcare and other services. The new commitment could allow LeapFrog to have a major impact in the food, energy, mobility and environment sectors. This may allow for the creation of some 90 million jobs and preventing the release of 8 gigatons of carbon emissions by the next decade.

Dr Andy Kuper, CEO and Founder of LeapFrog, said that "investing in climate solutions across emerging markets is not just the right thing to do, but also a highly compelling commercial opportunity. In the next decade we want to act as a catalyst and enabler for billions of low-income consumers finding clean pathways into prosperity by accessing – via LeapFrog companies – sustainable, efficient products that both improve their quality of life and protect their environment."

LeapFrog officials also say that in the past decade, green funding for emerging markets has increased by 28% every year. Despite that, the amount is still less than 5% of the required 330 billion annual funding, which would enable a true and effective transition to clean technologies.

Sun King, one of the largest solar-power producers around the world, who benefits 102 million people and helps them save 6 billion USD per year in energy costs, is one of the companies in which LeapFrog has invested.