Reuters writes that agriculture has become a sector where there is a great interest of decarbonization, as it is responsible for a third of the world's emissions.

Agreena helps farmers who want to adopt more sustainable practices, but don't want to take the risk to lose all the yield, by offering them incentives.

Farmers who are successful in reducing their emissions have the option to turn them into carbon certificates, which can then be sold to companies that want to offset their own carbon footprint.

Simon Haldrup, Agreena CEO, said that "carbon credits is where we have started, but ultimately we are building a stack of different services to add multiple layers of value to farmers when they're transitioning."

Last year, we wrote about Agreena's effort to launch the world’s first product that can tokenize soil carbon certificates and move Euros on blockchain, a move done in collaboration with the European payments institution Ztlment.