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The green.start-up.ro / greenstartup.tech website (hereinafter referred to as WEBSITE) is created and managed by Internet Corp SRL. Contact email: hello@start-up.ro

Postal address: Putul lui Zamfir 28, floor 4, Sector 1, Bucharest 011683;

This Website is offered in the form in which it is presented upon accessing by users, without any other guarantees. The Website is not and cannot be held responsible for inconsistencies, unavailability or other defects of this Website or its content.

green.start-up.ro / greenstartup.tech is a site created in collaboration with some traditional or online publications in Romania. You understand and agree that the information contained in the articles published by green.start-up.ro / greenstartup.tech is the property, as far as copyright is concerned, to the publications from which they are taken (if the articles are taken from certain publications), and any complaint or grievance, regarding the current, complete nature or regarding the correctness of this information will be directed to the publication that holds the property rights.

Using the services or information provided by this website, means that you accept the terms and conditions below.

These terms and conditions may change from time to time. You will be notified whenever there are changes to the terms and conditions of the website.

  1. Protection of copyright
  2. Use of the content of "Website"
  3. Suspension of access
  4. Changes to the website
  5. Registration, passwords and responsibilities
  6. Privacy
  7. Public forums
  8. No warranty, disclaimers
  9. Force majeure
  10. Miscellaneous
  11. Applicable law and jurisdiction
  1. Protection of copyright

The content and design of the Website (as well as any other material related to the Website) sent to you by email or provided to you in any other manner (such as: articles, newsletters, design and any other materials to which we will further refer to "Website Content"), are the website and its collaborators property - where this is expressly specified or not specified by another author - (copyright) and are protected by intellectual property law. You may not use, reproduce or permit anyone to use or reproduce the materials without written consent.

Patrimonial copyrights on texts, comments, messages, etc. published by you on the Website are transferred to the Website as soon as you post them. After posting them on the Website, you continue to own the moral rights over them. By default, you still have the right to use those texts in any manner. By displaying or publishing any texts, comments, messages, etc. on our Website you grant us a limited, non-exclusive license to use, modify, publicly display, copy and distribute these texts.

  1. Use of the content of Website

You may copy and print the Website Content solely for your personal, non-commercial use. In any other case, the Website Content may not be reproduced, modified and used, regardless of the commercial or non-commercial purpose of this use.

The actions described below are not allowed in the absence of prior written permission from the Website:

  1. reproduce or store the Content, as well as send this content to any other website, server or any other means of information storage.
  2. modification, publication, transmission, as well as participation in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the Content, in the absence of prior written permission from us.
  3. the removal of signs that signify the Website copyright over the Content.

Any use of the content of the Website for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this document is prohibited. Requests to use the content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this document may be sent to the email address: hello@start-up.ro.

  1. Suspension of access

The Website may, without any other notice or formality and without this requiring an explanation of its attitude, suspend or terminate your access to Website Content or to any part of this Content.

  1. Website changes

The Website reserves the right to suspend, modify, add or delete portions of its Content at any time. The Website also reserves the right to restrict users' access to some or all of its content.

  1. Registration, passwords, responsibilities

Your access to certain services and information on the Website is password protected. We recommend that you do not disclose this password to anyone. The Website will never ask for your account password in unsolicited messages or phone calls. We therefore advise you not to disclose this password to people who ask you to do so. Moreover, if possible, you must remember to log off / sign out your account in the user account of the Website, at the end of each session. We also advise you to close the browser window in which you worked at the end of your browsing on the Website.

These tips are intended to remove unauthorized access to your personal information or correspondence when working on a computer network in a public place (in internet cafes, for example).

Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Consequently, despite our efforts to protect your personal information, the Website cannot ensure or guarantee the security of the information you transmit to us, to and from our online services or our products. We therefore warn you that any information sent to us will be at your own risk.

Each registration is made for a single user. It is forbidden to share access data (username and password) in the account of the Website. The Website does not allow the access of several users or the access of a network to its Content. In the event that such accesses are discovered, the Website reserves the right to cancel or suspend your access to its Content.

  1. Privacy agreement

The personal information you provide to the Website will be used only in accordance with the terms of the Website Privacy Agreement.

  1. Communication platforms provided by Website

The Website can provide communication platforms between you and other users (article comment system). Given that the Website cannot and is not interested in filtering the messages posted or sent by its users through these communication platforms, we reserve the right (which can be exercised at our discretion and without prior notice), to delete, move or edit these messages or to restrict the access of some of the users to one of its communication platforms. For the comments posted by users on articles included in the Website, the responsibility for the content rests entirely with their authors. The Website reserves the right not to make public those comments that are in violation of the terms and conditions of use or that it considers harmful, in any form, to its own, partners or third parties’ image.

You are solely responsible for the content of your messages. To do this, you must know that posting or submitting comments through the communication platforms provided by Website is subject to the following limitations:

  • - You may not publish, transmit or refer to any type of message that may contain a form unanimously recognized by society as "advertising" to various categories of goods and services.
  • - You may not publish, transmit or refer to the users or members of the Website any unsolicited commercial message, regardless of whether this reference is made or not through the communication systems provided by Website or through other means of communication.
  • - You may not post, transmit or refer in any way to messages that contain recommendations to buy or not to buy a certain product or service. Also, you may not post or refer in any way to messages that contain confidential information, whether or not they are provided with a "confidential" statement or any other such mention, or messages that are intended to influence the price, image or market value of a product or service.
  • - You may not publish, transmit or refer in any way to messages that contain illegal, threatening, abusive, indecent texts, which in any way violate the copyright or other rights of a third party.
  • - You may not publish, transmit or refer in any way to messages that contain viruses or any other code sequences that prove to be destructive or that may interrupt, eliminate or limit the functionality of the Website or any other computer systems (hardware or software).
  • - You may not collect in any way personally identifiable information from users or members of the Website.
  • - You may not restrict or eliminate the access of other users to the communication platforms provided by Website.
  • - You may not post, transmit or refer in any way to messages whose source is hidden.
  • - You may not publish, transmit or refer to any "pyramid scheme" or any other activity intended to deceive other persons, as well as any activities similar to facts in respect of which the criminal potential has been proven in the past.

By transmitting your messages to or through any means of communication, you agree that you are solely responsible and will protect and hold harmless and indemnify the Website for any damage, costs or profit loss that may arise as a result of posting, transmission or referral by of messages whose content violates the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

Some users may understand that it is easier to violate the rules set forth in this agreement, and as a result, some of the published messages may present a misleading, incomplete, incorrect or aggressively oriented reality towards other social categories. You should therefore discern before using the information contained in these messages to make an investment or any other action involving the use of your own or other funds or resources. The image presented by the published messages can sometimes be different from reality.

  1. Attention!

Although we make every effort to ensure the quality and correctness of the articles published on the Website, we cannot guarantee, expressly or implicitly, regarding its content, the Website, the software or the products and services published under its patronage. The Website disclaims any liability, under any circumstances, for any damage, caused directly or indirectly, for any direct or indirect loss of profit (including, but not limited to: damages for loss of profit, business interruption or other pecuniary damages), suffered as a result of the use or interruption of use or lack of regularity of information and services provided by the Website, even if the Website has previously warned that using this information without a specialist consultant may cause such damage.

The Website does not guarantee the accuracy, correctness or current nature of the information or services provided by the Website. Also, the Website does not guarantee that the computer systems or programs used to display or transmit information on the Website or in any other form are free of viruses or other destructive sequences of code or other destructive properties.

You agree to hold harmless the Website for any legal or extrajudicial actions and to cover court costs and any other expenses that may arise as a result of your breach of the terms of this agreement.

  1. Force Majeure

The Website, its affiliates and, in general, the providers of information to the Website cannot be held responsible for any delay or error in the content provided by our publications, resulting directly or indirectly from causes that are beyond Website control. This exemption includes, but is not limited to: errors in the operation of the technical equipment of the Website, failure of the Internet connection, failure of telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to the Website's systems, operating errors, strikes, etc.

  1. Miscellaneous

Changing the terms of this agreement. The Website is entitled, without notice and without fulfilling other formalities, to change the terms of this agreement. However, when these terms change, the Website will notify you via email and by publishing on the homepage of the Website, a link that refers to the new form of this document. Access to the Website and use of our services after the time of notification or posting comments on changes on the homepage of the Website implies that you have agreed to the new terms of this agreement.

Also, some services offered by the Website may be subject to different terms, which will be displayed in the case of each such service, in a visible place, and can be accessed before using the service.

Advertising and content provided by other parties. Parts of the content included in the Website may be provided by third parties with whom the Website has concluded content supply contracts. Also, within the content of the Website may be included advertising sections in which advertising messages of third parties will be displayed. The Website is not responsible in any way for the content provided by third parties, whether it is advertising or not. Also, the Website is not responsible for the content of the pages to which reference is made within it.

Notifications Any notification to the Website must be sent in writing, by mail or fax, to the address mentioned in this document.

  1. Governing law

The rights and obligations of the parties provided in this agreement, as well as all the legal effects of this agreement will be construed and governed by the Romanian law in force. Any dispute concerning this agreement will be brought before the Romanian courts for settlement.

  1. Commercial

If the user who bought a product wishes to cancel the purchase, they can do so without penalty and without a reason, within 10 working days of receiving the written invoice (by email to vlad@start-up.ro). InternetCorp will reimburse to the User the money corresponding to the value of the purchase, within 30 days from the date of receiving the request. After the above period, the User has no right to request a refund, as InternetCorp has no obligation to the User.

By placing an order for a green.start-up.ro / greenstartup.tech product from a merchant through the green.start-up.ro / greenstartup.tech affiliated websites, you make an offer according to terms and conditions. For more information about the collection of personal data, please visit our Privacy Agreement.

Thank you.

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