About us

We’re a bilingual online media website where business meets sustainability. We cater to the English speaking European and International audience, but also to the Romanian audience.

We’re a platform that enables change by offering a voice to those who take affirmative action when it comes to climate & social issues.

We publish the latest information regarding EU & International efforts to combat the world’s most burning issues.

And we strive to be more than just a news website. We are working to become a guidebook for startups, investors, big businesses and stakeholders alike and show everyone that you can make it big by making a change.

We’re 5 seasoned journalists with decades of experience between us, the same team that has transformed the start-up.ro website into Romania’s most agile and influential startup news website. And we have big plans, great ambitions, and a huge potential audience that’s hungry for green initiatives.

Green Start-Up is a website created by SC Internet Corp SRL.

Contact: green@start-up.ro

Tel: (+40)31 228 61 20 & (+40)31 228 61 23

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