Clean Tehnica writes that a team from Cranfield University has worked on a project that aimed to use the power generated by waves to help a ship move across the seas. This is possible by using a set of underwater metal flaps that "push" the ship forward.

The researchers took inspiration from the way whales use their tail fins to move in the water, essentially working together with tidal energy to accelerate faster. After multiple experiments and simulations, scientists have developed a simplified version of a whale's tail fin and adapted it so that the system cand be mounted on a ship.

WDP technology can be implemented in a multitude of vessels, small or medium sized and can be combined with other types of propulsion, such as electricity, hydrogen or even fossil fuels, bringing down fuel costs.

Dr Liang Yang, Lecturer in Marine Renewable Energy Systems at Cranfield University, stated that "Wave Devouring Propulsion (WDP) could act as a transformative force in maritime sustainability. We’re not just reducing emissions; we’re navigating towards a future where carbon reduction targets are met, and the shipping industry aligns with sustainable development goals."