As per ESG Today, 2018-founded offers a cloud-based platform that connects EVs and chargers that optimizes the charging process so that drivers can benefit from lower prices, by juicing the vehicle at a time when demand is low.

Company officials say that currently, there are 120.000 EVs being managed through the app, which recently added support for vehicle-to-grid solutions, for EVs that can be used to provide power to a house in a pinch, for example.

Nick Woolley, CEO of, said that "in the next few years, total EV demand in most developed countries will surpass the energy output of even the largest power plants. As more EVs come online, optimized charging and load maintenance will remain critical tools for ensuring grid stability. By being able to shape and control EV load, can both benefit the grid and help drivers to charge using the greenest and cheapest energy."

Energy Impact Partners (EIP) and Future Energy Ventures (FEV) are among the investors who contributed to the 33 million USD financing.