Back in 2021, Nestlé announced a "forest positive" strategy, according to ESG Today, by which the company pledged to begin reforestation efforts and to make sure that the trees will thrive. Company officials at the time stated that satellite imagery was going to be used to make sure that this can be achieved.

Thus, by the next decade, the Swiss company wants to plant 200 million trees in its sourcing areas.

Magdi Batato, Nestlé’s Executive Vice-President and Head of Operations said that "forests are often called Nature Based Solutions because we use nature as a solution to help reduce our emissions. Growing trees close to our sourcing locations is an essential part of our climate roadmap alongside decarbonizing our operations and supply chain."

"Through our Global Reforestation Program, we aim to plant and grow 200 million trees in our supply chains and sourcing landscapes by 2030. Our goal is to remove 2 million tonnes of CO2e through these projects."

The first of Nestlé's reforestation projects to benefit from satellite monitoring is the one that started in Southern Thailand last year, where 150.000 trees were planted.