ESG Today writes that this is the largest fundraising in the French charging sector to date, while also being the second-largest in Europe.

2021-founded Electra deploys a network of fast-charging stations for EV so that drivers and operators don't have to worry about the range, charging speed or the distance between the charging points.

Analyzing the vehicle's charging speed potential, power availability and the closest charging station, the solution created by the Paris-based organization recommends the best option for the driver.

Aurélien de Meaux, co-founder and CEO of Electra, said that "the transition to electric mobility is a key aspect of the energy transition, with the transportation sector being the largest CO2 emitter in France. We are creating a network that is very easy to use, making the transition to electric vehicles desirable and not a constraint."

Dutch pension fund service provider PGGM and Serena are among the investors who participated in the 304 million euros funding round.