According to Clean Tehnica, a German company called ADS-TEC Energy, added one of those charging stations to its lineup.

ChargePost is a charging station which is claimed to be one of the smallest, integrates a battery that allows for EV fast charging even when there is a power outage.

The ChargePost station has two fast-charge connectors that can provide up to 300 kW of charging power in single-mode or 150 kW for two simultaneous connections.

Besides the two optional 75-inch screens, which can be used for displaying advertising, the ChargePost stations can also be equipped either with a 143 or a 201kWh battery pack.

Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC Energy, said that "ChargePost delivers a new level of excellence for EV charging, combining the highest charging power with high-end quality materials and large displays in a battery-stored, all-in-one charging solution."

ChargePost stations also offer bidirectional charging, which means that, through integrated solar panels, they can not only power EVs when such vehicles are connected, but they can also feed electricity to the power grid, as well.

Due to accelerated efforts to electrify the transport system in the EU, some experts believe that there are going to be around 7.5 million public charging stations in the block by 2030.

These charging points are needed to support the projected 47 million EVs, both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.