One of the most important directions for the bank was to ensure the sustainable impact and development of all its clients.

The mortgage loan `Casa Mea NaturA` maintained at about 40% of the new mortgage volumes disbursed.

In retail banking business, BCR generated total new loans to individuals and micro businesses of RON 5 billion in H1 2022, up by 17.8% yoy, on the back of mortgage sales increasing by 42.8% yoy and cash loan originations by 22.7% yoy.

"In the relationship with our clients, we have always searched to help them make the best economic decisions, suitable for their financial situation. We are guided by strong principles, and we are reinforcing the 2022 overall goal: the continuous development of Romania through key programs and projects that support resilience and increase financial literacy. I think the most important lesson we have learned in the first six months of the year is about kindness and generosity, about goodwill, real actions, and shared values. I am proud of what my colleagues have achieved, as they have shown their great characters. It is a great thing to be face-to-face with clients daily and calm their fears in these uncertain times, offering them solutions and improving their financial responsibility. We continue to play an active role and support the sustainable development of the business environment, to create and safeguard jobs. At the same time, we are inspired by the resilience of our customers in different industries. We actively support government funding programs and believe in the essential role of the European financing in the development of Romania's strategic sectors. We need major structural reforms and investments to create jobs and incomes that build an effective economy," declared Sergiu Manea, CEO of Banca Comercială Română.

Pne of the most important sustainability efforts for BCR was to issue cards made out of recycled materials.

More than 90% of the cards issued in H1 2022 under BCR’s new current account packages – George and George for Youth – are made of recycled materials, representing a reduction in carbon footprint of approximately 2.7 tons.

BCR impact in economy and society

In corporate banking business, BCR approved new corporate loans of RON 8.1 billion in H1 2022, more than triple versus H1 2021, of which a quarter are aimed for investments. The record 29.9% yoy advance in the stock of corporate financing was driven by significant increases in the large corporates, SMEs and public sector.

Within the financing programmes with state guarantee dedicated to the SMEs (IMM Invest, IMM Prod, Rural Invest, Garant Construct), BCR approved 1,654 loans totalling RON 1.4 billion in H1 2022.

In the first part of 2022, The Money School organized online and offline financial education sessions for almost 50,000 adults and children. The total number of those who attended the program exceeded 500,000 people, and the platform has expanded its course offer with a new module “Eco-Financial Guide: how to consume responsibly?”, which addresses everyone's behavior in relation to consumption habits and budgeting.

BCR Group achieved a net profit of RON 1,042.1 million (EUR 210.7 million) in H1 2022.