This report is focused on analyzing trends in technology, environment and sustainability, consumer trends, food and agriculture, healthcare, and wellbeing. It aims to map societal changes through innovations, products, services and new ideas.

What are the trends that are shaping up 2023 from a sustainability standpoint? According to the Social Innovation Solution team, we can’t talk about sustainability in 2023 without linking it with technology.

That is why 2 trends are shaping up in this context: smart robotics – a future in which robots and technology can help reduce the use of chemicals and fertilizers for a less polluted soil, and in saving the consumption of water – and technologies that have the ability to make constructions, in general, and the process of building homes and other constructions a lot more efficient from an energy and emissions standpoint. For example, the first 3D-printed net-zero home in the world was delivered in September 2022 by Mighty Buildings.

At the same time, in the Business & Innovation segment of the report, the Social Innovation Solutions team mentions an interesting trend when it comes to office space: eco offices. In their quest to reach net-zero goals, many businesses place having sustainable office spaces as an important part of their strategies.

In the chapter dedicated to Food & Agriculture, the report mentions carbon labeling as a trend. More and more food and consumer goods companies are labeling the climate footprint of their products.

At the same time, agrivoltaics is also emerging as a trend. With focus on sustainability and energy cost efficiency, we will start to see photovoltaic panels everywhere in 2023.

Another sustainability trend for 2023 is linked to the presence on the market of more and more gadgets that are more environment friendly. Already, companies such as Laanovo/Motorola, Samsung and HMD Global (Nokia) are using recycled materials into their products.

And one of the trends identified by the Social Innovation Solutions team for 2023 is about upcycled luxury design. From clothing to the car industry, brands are looking for ways to become more eco-friendly. One of the strategies embraced by brands is to use waste materials to make new goods.

The 23 trends for 2023 report compiled by Social Innovation Solution can be downloaded from here.